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Composite Tooth Fillings Bloomingdale IL

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At Stratford Dental, the preferred dentist of Bloomingdale, IL, we are pleased to offer white composite tooth fillings. Our state-of-the-art white fillings are the perfect alternative to silver for our patients. As most people know, cavity fillings are necessary in order to avoid decay and erosion from quickly spreading. It can be extremely painful when decay reaches the nerve of the tooth. If immediate action is not taken, a simple cavity can eventually lead to more costly and extensive treatments. Preventative care to your teeth, with white fillings, can easily prevent an abscess or infected tooth.

When a patient waits too long, he/she faces a more challenging process to save the tooth.  This involves undergoing root canal treatment, the need for a crown, or a possible tooth extraction. In addition to preventing the spread of cavities, white composite fillings are excelling for replacing or repairing old fillings.

Providing you with individualized dental care is our specialty. Whether you are looking for routine preventative care or a smile makeover, Dr. Brian Evans offers only the best family dental care Bloomingdale IL. We can schedule appointments as well as develop a treatment plan to accommodate your schedule. Your personalized dental care is just a phone call away. To schedule your appointment, fill out our online form or call us at (630) 980-3880.

What Is A Composite Filling?

White composite tooth fillings consist a combination of glass and plastic particles. They have become extremely popular in recent years as they can be made to closely match the color of your natural tooth. Under certain conditions, a white dental filling preparation needs less removal of the enamel and decay. Another benefit is that white fillings bond pretty easily to the tooth structure.

Dental filling procedures are evolving with white tooth fillings. Improvements in dental technology have prepared white fillings to be stronger and harder than the now outdated amalgam fillings. White fillings (tooth-colored fillings 60108) are ideal where the cavities are located on the visible portions of a tooth. They even can be applied on the front teeth. This material of the filling is particularly useful for cavities that develop between teeth. This sensitive area is where bacteria can hide and erode tooth enamel. By using the white cavity fillings between teeth, especially when visible, it allows you to maintain your natural smile.

How The Filling Process Works

After complete removal of the decay from the tooth, we then apply a cleaning gel followed by a bonding solution. The liquid assists with bonding the composite material inside the tooth structure. Once we add the white filling to the tooth, we then use a high-intensity blue light to harden it.

After the composite material has hardened, we will go through a final check of the filling. We check to ensure the fitting comfort, shape and look of the filling. During this time, we will trim and additional material if it is necessary. For the final step and finishing touches, we will apply a high polish.

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