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Dental Check Up Bloomingdale IL

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Prevention is the Key

Educating our patients about their dental health as well as their overall health is the most important goal in our Family Dental Practice. We start by teaching our patients that the best oral health starts with proper oral hygiene care. The first step to maintaining your smile is by having our dentist do a compressive exam and a dental check up & cleaning with our personable and highly skilled hygienists in our Bloomingdale office.

Teeth Cleanings

You can be confident that your teeth cleaning at Stratford Dental will be thorough, gentle and done in about an hour. Through your recommended regular teeth cleaning, a full comprehensive evaluation will be assessed on your oral health. This complete assessment includes a screening for oral cancer on every routine exam at no additional charge to you. We also recommend fluoride treatments both for adults and children to help prevent cavities. Dr. Brian Evans and his expert staff recommend a dental hygiene visit at least twice a year.

In addition, by having the latest dental technologies we can immediately determine your risk of infection, decay and disease. If there is a need for deep dental cleanings (dentist Carol Stream) the hygienist will educate you on the risks periodontal disease and how if left untreated it can result or worsen other health issues such as your heart or diabetes. The recommendation for more frequent teeth cleanings would then be suggested.

Proper Occlusion

Occlusion is a dental term we use for describing how your teeth meet during the biting process. A healthy bite will keep your teeth comfortable and in good condition. Improper biting can lead to worn, loose and chipped teeth as well as painful joints. When facing this hindrance, preventative measures are taken with the proper dental restoration. Some dental solutions including a same day tooth crown procedure, Invisalign, a dental implant procedure, and more will restore and improve the hindrance.   

Outstanding Quality of Materials

At Stratford Dental, we use safe, environmentally friendly and natural-looking materials. We never put any materials that are toxic or unsafe for your health into your mouth. We use materials made entirely from porcelain or composite materials for all our restorations. Both of these materials are beautiful and long-lasting.

Call For Your Hygiene Visit Today

By delivering superb dental care, in Bloomingdale, IL Dr. Brian Evans can help you maintain excellent oral health for life. Contact us for your next preventative visit with thehygienist and dentist today! For more information on how you can stay in good oral health year-around in the 60108 area, call us at (630) 980-3880. For additional accommodation, you can also schedule your appointment online: Dentist Near Carol Stream.

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