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Treatment After Diagnosis: Bloomingdale Dental

Bloomingdale Dental in Illinois

At Stratford Dental, we treat a wide variety of dental services and procedures after diagnosis. We address all of out patients’ dental needs, because we care! By combining excellent patient care with the latest technology, we are able to treat our patients of all ages in a calm and relaxing setting. Dr. Brian Evans and the highly trained professional staff team do more than just treat patients.  We identify the cause of each health concern that is diagnosed. By doing so, each patient at Stratford Dental is set on the path to recovery and long-term oral health.

We provide a wide range of Basic & Comprehensive services for patients throughout the Bloomingdale Illinois area. Our patients rely on Dr. Brian Evans to take care all of their oral healthcare needs. If you think there might be a dental issue that you would like Dr. Evans to address give us a call at (630) 980-3880. You can also schedule an appointment with our online calendar system.

Treatment After Diagnosis

Some dental solutions that we commonly diagnose and address after a patients initial hygiene visit (dentist check up Bloomingdale IL) includes

Composite Fillings

Toss out the silver! We have advanced tooth-colored composite fillings, a superior restoration in terms of durability and aesthetics.

Dental Deep Cleanings (Dentist in Carol Stream IL)

Less discomfort and low contamination! Receive laser-assisted treatment for mild to moderate periodontal disease.

Root Canal Treatment

By using the latest technology, we can now complete root canal treatments in one appointment with minimal discomfort.

Same Day Tooth Crown Procedure

No impression and no temporary needed for this procedure. We custom fabricate this crown for you and cement it in place in one visit.


We can perform both simple and surgical extractions. Depending on different details of the affected tooth, Dr. Evans will determine the best course of treatment.

Dental Bridge Procedure

Replace one or more missing teeth followed by getting them cemented onto the ones that are adjacent.

Partials & Full Dentures (Carol Stream Dentures)

Removable appliance that replace missing teeth

Grinding Teeth

With the NTI Splint and Night guard, you can treat grinding and clenching of your teeth. It’s a removable appliance that is worn during sleep.

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