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Children's Dentist in Carol Stream

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At Stratford Dental, we pride ourselves in being the best family dentist in the Carol Stream area. We provide dental cleanings and examinations for patients of all ages throughout Bloomingdale, Bartlett, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights and Roselle. We believe that preventative care is necessary in order to live with good oral health. We strive to keep each child that we take care of as healthy as possible. The best way to achieve this is by continuing dental care. By starting early in life, we teach the kids good habits on how to good oral health hygiene at home. As we get the kids to follow these good habits, they can continue to follow these values, as they get older.

At Stratford Dental we make sure that each child feels comfortable during their hygiene visit and while educating them we let them have fun. We also have a wonderful assortment of prizes for them to choose from when they are finished with their dental visit.

If you live in the 60188 area, please call our kids dental office at  (630) 980-3880 to schedule your kids exam and learn how you can stay healthy year-around.

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Dental Cleanings and Examinations for Children

Dr. Brian Evans takes care of patients of all ages and understands how to helps kids feel at east while visiting the dentist. Families throughout Illinois visit our family dental care Bloomingdale office for their children’s teeth cleaning. We highly advocate that teeth cleanings and examinations start from a very young age of three. At this age children generally have all of their primary (baby) teeth in. Doing this is important because it ensures that your child’s baby teeth will grow in properly and remain healthy until their adult teeth are ready to come in. A lot of parent’s may not realize how essential healthy baby teeth are. Just like adults, children can also get cavities and gum disease. We suggest that parents throughout Bloomingdale and the surrounding area to get their children in for cleanings and exams at least twice a year. By doing so, we can eliminate any harmful bacteria and plaque in order to avoid cavities.

For teeth cleanings with children, our professional dental staff of experts do it gradually while practicing gentle dentistry. By creating a relationship with our little patients, they will feel more at ease during their dental appointments. Visiting the dentist does not have to be intimidating, but rather fun! We also suggest that parents take the time to talk about visiting the dentist beforehand. You can play games, teaching the kids how to examine their toy’s teeth or read stories about going to the dentist. Doing these activities can help children in feeling relaxed when getting their own teeth cleaning. As the kids come to the dentist twice a year, their baby teeth will remain in good health. The baby teeth will stay in until they are supposed to fall out, while also keeping their adult teeth healthy.

We also provide dental sealants for children. A sealant acts as a barrier to prevent cavities. They are a plastic material that we apply to the grooves and pits of the chewing surfaces; this is where decay occurs most often. Sealants are placed on the permanent premolars and molars. Dr. Brian Evans guarantees the sealants through the age of eighteen, so if they ever need to be replaced there would be no additional charge to you.

If you would like to schedule an appointment at our office, call us at (630) 980-3880.

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