Dental Training with a Vision

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Project 8110 is a nonprofit organization co-founded in October 2009 by Tom Linder & Dr. Brian Evans. Our mission is simple: To provide training & support to healthcare providers in Sierra Leone (West Africa), to perform dental procedures & to dispense eyeglasses.

Our name is derived from Psalm 81:10.

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth & I will fill it.” (NIV) This may not be a literal reference to dentistry, but it works for us.

The verse speaks of God’s provisions for all of life’s needs. The “vision” refers to optometry training.

Much-Needed Care

Project 8110 offers much-needed adult & children’s dentistry, general medical care & vision care to the poorest citizens in Sierra Leone, West Africa. In 2013, an Ebola outbreak occurred & Sierra Leone was its epicenter. This tragic plague resulted in almost 4,000 deaths within the country & over 11,000 in the region. With Sierra Leone already being one of the poorest nations in the world, the outbreak has been devastating to their economy. Sadly, it will take many years to regain their losses.

Training & Support

Project 8110 also provides the necessary guidance to healthcare providers. This includes educating them how to complete extractions & tooth restoration with simple fillings. They are taught using proper techniques & ethics, offering care at or above local standards. Sierra Leone has a population of seven million people & only seven registered dentists! To say the least, there is an incredible need for help. The majority of the citizens do not have access to dental care. Without much-needed dental care, many are suffering with infections & pain, relying on “DIY” dentistry. Many are also obtaining care from unqualified providers who worsen the infection & pain.

Distribution of Eyeglasses

Project 8110 provides a simple optometry program that supplies eyeglasses, which are kindly donated by the Lions Club. In just fifteen minutes, the trainees are able to examine, prescribe, adjust & deliver eyeglasses to the patient. This amazing yet simple program makes a huge impact on the lives of those in Sierra Leone, many of whom have not had a clear vision for years.

Morningstar Clinic

Project 8110 assists in the work of Morningstar Clinic in the city of Bo in Sierra Leone. During the Ebola outbreak in 2013, many people avoided visiting medical clinics & hospitals due to concerns of contracting the virus. The clinic is now facing a significant burden as the citizens seek more care in the aftermath of the Ebola crisis.


All funds that we raise will assist the Morningstar Clinic in the city of Bo & aid the staff to remain in operation. Most importantly, the staff can continue to provide care for those in such desperate need. Your donation also helps funding of the adult & children’s dentistry training program for nurses & other health care workers so that they can help others.

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Project 8110 is a nonprofit organization; 501(c)(3) public charity. Tax- deductible donations are appreciated & can be made by checks payable to Project 8110 & mailed to:

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