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Root Canal Treatment

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At Stratford Dental, we are consistently performing root canal treatments as a means to remove infections and protect our patients’ teeth. Dr. Brian Evans is very knowledgeable root canal dentist for this procedure and attentive in keeping the patient fully comfortable. A root canal procedure is very common. As a matter of fact, MILLIONS of this procedure our performed every year! As a result, the demand to pull infected teeth is greatly reduced.

If you live in Bloomingdale or the surrounding area, and are currently experiencing too pain, please call us at (630) 980-3880. We will schedule an appointment and determine if you need a root canal treatment.

Why Is A Root Canal Procedure Needed?

As a tooth gets an infection, it can dangerously spread into the center of the tooth. This area is known as the “dental pulp.” Inside the dental pulp are the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. All of the most sensitive areas of the tooth are located here. As this area is extremely sensitive, it is prone to easily becoming infected which can be unbelievably painful. This extreme pain generally requires immediate treatment for the patient. If you live around the 60108 area, you can undergo a root canal treatment at Stratford Dental quickly.

How Root Canal Treatment Works

A root canal treatment starts of by creating a small hole in the tooth. This is to ensure that all infected areas of the tooth have been removed.  This areas of removal includes the dental pulp and, oftentimes the roots. The root of a tooth is only needed to feel hot and cold sensations and for the tooth to grow in. Once a tooth fully matures, there will be no direct harm to it by removing the roots.  Removal of the roots can, however, stops further spread of an infection, which is why we quickly do so when necessary. After completion, we will sterilize the area to make sure the infection is gone. Prescription of antibiotics is common prescribed prior to the root canal treatment to ensure the elimination of any infection prior to treatment and to assist with healing after treatment.

For completion of the root canal procedure, we will seal up the hole and the previous area of the dental pulp.  This seal is generally done with a rubber-like substance know as “gutta-percha.” This substance helps alleviate the tooth as a portion of it is now missing. At Stratford Dental, we proceed by using either a filling or crown to additionally strengthen and protect the tooth. Conveniently, we can match both fillings and crowns to a general tooth color. So regardless of where the root canal treatment is in your mouth, the filling or crown will mix in flawlessly with the surrounding teeth. Patients throughout the Bloomingdale area appreciate the natural look of their teeth once the treatment is complete.

Advantages of a Root Canal Procedure

In previous years, when a tooth became severely infected or the dental pulp became inflamed, removal of the tooth was the only option. Now, teeth that face those same complications can be saved with a root canal procedure. Keeping the natural tooth in place is by far a better option. The face can start to sag once teeth begin to fall out so it is important to maintain them for the face structure.

Root canal procedures allow the patients to eat and drink like normal without any limitations. After the infection is cleared, and the tooth strengthens it will perform just like it use to. With your newly restored tooth, you can bite down like normal, chew and continue with your everyday activities worry-free. This convenience helps patients throughout the Bloomingdale area get back to their and return to their daily routines.

As mentioned before, the fillings and crowns that we use for the root canal procedure are all tooth-colored. Best of all, we can even create crowns to the exact shade of the surrounding teeth, allowing them to blend in perfectly. There is no way anyone will know you ever had a root canal procedure.

Don’t Wait!

Consequently, by avoiding this procedure, the infected tooth will likely need to be removed. Pulling the tooth will need to be done in order to prevent the spread of infection. Once a tooth is removed, a replacement is then needed. Replacement options would include getting a dental bridge, wearing a denture or installing a dental implant. These are all doable solutions but they will all take additional time, and have a longer recovery period since all of these alternatives involve several steps. This is why the easiest and more upfront solution is to have Dr. Evans save your tooth by completing a root canal procedure.

To learn more about this option give Bloomingdale dentist Stratford Dental a call at (630) 980-3880 and schedule an appointment.

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